We are a boutique communications agency.

Group Stellar specializes in public relations, community development, and public affairs. We leverage competitive advantages through long-term planning, execution support and communication solutions.

What Makes Us Different

We listen first.

Group Stellar approaches communications by asking questions. We value the uniqueness of every client and by listening first, we capitalize on your strengths.

Transformative Communications

We create strategies that spark change.

Our straightforward solutions move stakeholders to action.

What We Provide

We deliver exceptionally good products.

Every element of the plans, tools and assets we create for you is intentionally designed.

Group Stellar took the time to get to know our organization and those we serve, which made their recommendations even more impactful. The team is easy to work with and experts in their fields—there is no pretension but only a desire to help. The feedback we received was organized and detailed, making it easy for us to spot trends and make adjustments.
— Matt Holton, Hope For The Warriors